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Why Men Love A Woman For A Lifetime

love heartJan. 20, 2020 - Everyone has to learn about life in their on way, and that includes love and relationships. Some learn from their parents, and in some cases that is good and others not so good. Some learn from friends, some learn from books, some learn from watching other couples and some learn from the heartbreak of life's heart

If you have no role model or someone you can talk to about how to find a loving man to fill your emotional needs and how to find happiness with that person for a lifetime, then you are not unique. Many women need guidance in the area of love and relationships. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Your boyfriend or husband is probably struggling with the same lack of education about how to make the relationship strong as well.

A strong, loving relationship is built between two people. No one else can make it work for you. It doesn't have to be a lot of hard work but it does take a little knowledge of how to make it work.

The last thing you want to happen is to get caught off guard by your man asking for a divorce or to break off a relationship when you thought things were going so well. You need to be aware of little indicators that he is not thinking what you think he is about the heart

You, yourself may be doing something that is making him pull away and you aren't even aware of it. Take this "Are You Repelling Men Quiz" to find out what may be holding you back. Even when he asks for a divorce he may still not even tell you what that was because he doesn't want to hurt your feelings. He may just simply say that he has found someone else that he wants to spend his time with.

love heart

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Why Men Pull Away in a relationship. Is he just pulling away or really breaking up?

8 Body Language Signs That He Loves You

By Slade Shaw

Author of Why Men Pull Away

Missed Signs, Missed Opportunities

With so much getting in the way, it’s easy for you to misread his signs and take it for romantic interest – which of course, will put a huge, AWKWARD wedge between you two.

Or maybe the signs were flashing right in front of you, but went over your head.

And when you finally realized it after the fact, it was too late and the proverbial ship had already sailed.

Couple Relationship Not Working. Is he Pulling Away or just breaking up?

If either of those things have happened to you, don’t fret. Plenty of women have had their dreamboat get away from them on account of this pesky problem.

But there is a way to read your guy like a book so you when he’s giving you the green light…

...or if you should take a detour and move on.

While his words can be ambiguous, his BODY is another story. Everything he does sends a clear message of how he’s REALLY feeling.

Dr. David Givens, Ph.D., author of “Love Signals: A Practical Field Guide to the Body Language of Courtship”, says that humans give off these non-verbal cues during the courtship phase as a way of “feeling out” a potential mate.

There’s a certain rhythm to it, much like how animals engage in mating rituals

In other words, it’s in our DNA, and humans have been playing this game for as long as we’ve been on this planet.

And if you want to win big time, the trick is to learn the crucial signs that tell you your guy is, in fact, feeling it.

If you can identify the signals as he gives them off, you’ll know exactly how to plan your next move.

Best of all, these signs are just as legit whether you’ve known him for some time, like a colleague or mutual friend…

…or that hottie who walked into the coffee shop five minutes ago.

With that, let’s get into the 8 Sure-Fire Body Cues He’s Into You:

#1: What do his eyes tell you?

Before anything else, he’s going to scope the scene. So your guy will try and get a feel of things by making eye contact.

If he’s trying to make a visual connection, that’s him reaching out and checking if he can move on to the next step.

He’ll usually start with a tentative glance, connect with you, then look somewhere else.

And when he looks at you again, it’s game on!

Personally, I’m not a fan of the whole check-his-pupils-if-they’re-dilated business. It’s not like you can walk up and start observing him like a lab rat.

Anyway, the important thing is that he’s got that look that says he wants to reach out and touch you - which brings us to the next sign…

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#2: He’ll want to get up close and personal

Alright, so his next move is getting in your space, but in a friendly and non-threatening way.

Maybe you’re telling him something during a conversation and he’ll get in closer to hear you better.

But if you’re 100% audible within earshot and he STILL gets in to listen, that’s different.

That’s him instinctively trying to get into your comfort zone in a casual manner. It’s all very subtle and chances are he’s not even aware he’s doing it.

But all the same, humans use physical proximity as a yardstick of emotional closeness. And a guy going the distance is probably on the path to being more than friends with you.

This could be a man who checked you out at the bookstore or grocery aisle and made some chit-chat – or a long-time friend trying to escalate things further.

It doesn’t matter. Speaking of escalation, let’s move on…

#3: He’ll turn things up

Ok, let me back up a bit first. Most men grew up not really having the benefit of physical affection as much as women do.

While women are usually more keen to express themselves through touch - and getting that in return – guys aren’t in the same position.

That’s just how it is and there’s nothing wrong with that. It does, however, put your man in a position where he’s, in a way, “starved” for this kind of attention.

That’s why when he’s in the presence of someone he digs, he’ll naturally gravitate towards her.

More importantly, if your guy feels THAT way for you, he’ll try to make contact in “small” ways.

It’s going to be low-key, like brushing against your elbow…

…tapping your shoulder to get your attention…

…a playful jab when you’re joking around…

…or squeezing your forearm ever so lightly for a microsecond when he’s making a point in a conversation.

Also, your smooth operator is going to gauge how you react. So if you’re feeling it too, help him out by responding favorably.

He knows he’s treading on unfamiliar ground, which is why your man is dying to get a sign of hope from you - just saying…

#4: He’s got a different vibe around you

Do you sense your guy’s a bit on edge, or isn’t at ease as he is with other people (e.g. his buddies, co-workers, etc.)?

Or maybe he’s acting a bit awkward, stammers a little and his voice has a nervous pitch to it…

If your man’s like this with you, and NOT with anyone else, then he sees you differently from them – and that’s a GOOD thing.

He’s feeling a special kind of pressure that only comes with someone he’s in love with.

You might not realize that while he’s talking to you, he’s racking his brains trying to think of the perfect response.

So he might end up tripping over himself trying to impress you. In his mind, he wants to be that funny, charming guy he thinks you want him to be.

And you’ll probably notice that he can’t keep his hands still either. He’s either ramming his straw in his drink, chewing his lip, tapping his foot while he’s seated, twirling a pencil between his fingers, or running his hands through his hair.

If you’re noticing any of this, try to put him at ease. Trust me, a little encouragement goes a long way with a guy.

Once he knows he’s still in the game, he’ll eventually overcome that awkwardness and sweep you off your feet.

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#5: He’s trying to look his best

Look at the way he’s standing in front of you. If he appeared laid back and relaxed before you showed up, he might suddenly act like there’s an invisible hanger in the back of his shirt.

Aside from that, he’ll be showing off his glorious pecs by sticking his chest out

He’s unconsciously broadcasting his masculine features in the hopes of getting your attention, not unlike peacocks who flaunt their feathers to attract a mate.

You might even catch him fixing his hair or smoothing out his shirt with his hands if he knows you’re nearby.

I call it the “Drill Sergeant Effect”: when you walk by, he’ll snap at full attention and wouldn’t dream about disappointing you.

#6: Everything else fades into the background

You know how it is in cartoons or movies when the guy’s love interest is talking and he’s practically hypnotized from watching her lips move?

For further comedic effect, it’ll turn dead silent right before cheesy romantic music starts playing.

Meanwhile, the poor guy’s sitting there, mesmerized. He couldn’t find a way out of her eyes even if he had a map!

So what I’m trying to say is that you kind of have the same effect on a guy, and it SHOWS.

He’ll make you feel like you’re the most important person in the room.

Well, that’s because you ARE that important to him, and he’ll be hanging on to every word you say. It’s like nobody else is there because you have his FULL attention.

He’ll nod, laugh and give you a healthy dose of ‘uh-huh’, ‘yeah’, ‘oh’ and ‘wow’ to let you know he’s really listening to you.

#7: He’ll be ‘in sync’ with you

No, he’s not going to try to win you over by singing and dancing like a certain boy band.

(A little 90s reference there… *wink, wink*)

Ok, semi-funny jokes aside (you chuckled a little, admit it), a guy in love will try to match your pace in a couple of crucial ways.

First, he’s going to walk alongside you at a slower pace.

Weird, right? But it’s true.

This might be a situation where you ran into each other by chance, or you’re both headed in the same direction for some reason (like running an errand together or something like that).

Whatever it is, he’s likely to adjust his speed, usually by slowing down.

According to a Seattle Pacific University study entitled “Energetic Consequences of Human Sociality: Walking Speed Choices among Friendly Dyads”, men have generally evolved to either speed up or slow down for their partner so she doesn’t have to waste any precious energy.

So what that all means is that he’s doing this for your benefit, and it’s a privilege reserved only for YOU.

And here’s another interesting tidbit about sexual attraction: he’s going to try and match YOUR body language as well.

He’ll be doing what you do, like leaning forward when you’re sitting across each other, or have his hands on his hips like you while standing up.

It could even extend into verbal territory, like trying to TALK like you.

For instance, he’ll start using your favorite expressions - that’s him subconsciously expressing his desire to establish rapport with you.

That way, you’ll feel more comfortable around him.

And finally, the last big thing to look out for…

#8: He’s…“open”

Nothing like a vague sign to end things on an anticlimactic note, am I right?

(Just kidding…last one, I promise!)

Yeah, so you’ll notice that he’ll avoid any gestures that might suggest that he’s closed off to you in any shape or form.

He’s not going to blow his chances by sending any message along the lines of “go away!”

His arms won’t be crossed and he’ll sit back in his chair to look relaxed (even though his heart’s racing), and his feet are pointed towards you.

Oh, and he’ll probably have a big old smile plastered on his gorgeous mug. And it’s not the polite kind of smile, either.

I’m talking about the holy-cow-I-can’t-believe-you’re-actually-here-and-I-hope-this-moment-never-ends kind of smile that you can’t miss.

Men have a knack for flashing those pearly whites because they’re a signal they’re truly grateful for sharing the same air as you.

That might sound a little needy or desperate, but believe me, a guy couldn’t care any less about feeling this way about you.

In those precious moments, time seems to freeze and nothing else matters to him except YOU. He’s in awe of you and it’s nothing short of MAGICAL for him.

His body will show it, and that expression on his face will tell you.

If you’re seeing more than half of these signs, then you’ve got a good thing going for you.

But what if you USED to see these signs, and the magic has faded a bit?

He had that warmth about him before, but now things have gotten a little chilly.

Or worse, he might even be showing signs that he’s PULLING AWAY.

Don’t despair though – it’s not the end of the world…or your relationship.

You see, I’ve helped plenty of women figure out exactly why guys leave, and it’s NOT for the reasons you think.

The truth is that you can spot these signs immediately AND keep him from walking out the door.

Better yet, you can make him feel like he’s falling in love with you all over again. Then he’ll give you those body language signals of affection all day, every day.

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4 Traits Women Have (That Men Routinely Fall In Love With)

By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away 

Aspasia was a famous woman in Greek history who lived during the 5th century.

Greek Methology - Is he trying to pull away or is he breaking up.

She wasn’t just known for her knock-out looks, but also for her beautiful mind and razor-sharp wit.

More than that, her life gives us a look into how women of ancient Greece used to roll back in the day.

Originally hailing from Miletus (now known as Turkey), she came to Athens and became a courtesan to influential figures like Pericles, a well-known figure at the time.

Soon enough, Aspasia made a name for herself as she got to know the crème de la crème of Greek society.

Politicians, philosophers, high-rollers - and of course, lovestruck men - naturally gravitated towards her.

Few could resist Aspasia’s beauty and her legendary talent for thought-provoking conversation.

In fact, no less than Plato mentioned her on more than one occasion in his writings. Some scholars even argued that he based one of his fictional characters on Aspasia.

Fast forward to more than a thousand years later, and people are still talking about her.

You don’t get to have that kind of historical impact without wielding some serious mojo.

The natural ability to attract men is so powerful because it goes past culture, beliefs or values.

It’s almost an unfair advantage, really.

Having the RIGHT TRAITS basically gives you the power to tap into a guy’s mind…

…and flip his subconscious switches that tell him how ridiculously attractive you are.

And here’s the thing: those switches have been there since time began.

They’re in the same category of switches that tell a guy when to eat, sleep, fight, or flee.

In other words, it’s PRIMAL.

Once you trigger those instincts, he’s powerless from feeling overwhelmingly attracted to you.

These attraction signals transcend history and have stood the test of time.

But enough talk – let’s get down to it…

Here are The Top 4 Traits That Make Him Love You (Again and Again):


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#1: Be Classy, Not Trashy


When it comes to instincts, it’s not just about foraging for food or fighting off wild animals.

Part of our brain is also designed to perceive status - and sexual attraction overlaps a great deal with that.

This goes back to ancient times, and being part of a group conveyed a certain status.

So someone who possessed more “social currency” than others had elated a specific psychological response.

It’s not just about having actual money, mind you - although it did have a little bit to do with that.

Higher status also involved other subliminal cues, like hygiene, intelligence, emotional maturity and so on.

These were signals that told men that she was an Alpha Female, so to speak.

Aspasia carried herself with grace, eloquence and dignity. She wasn’t born into nobility, but she came out on top anyway because of these collective traits.

Even though she had her share of haters back then, she let criticism roll off like water on feathers.

Women also size up potential partners in the same way, too.

Masculine traits such as strength, sense of direction and protectiveness appeal to women on a primal level.

This also harkens back to the days of tribal societies. Women traditionally had to depend on the father figure to keep them safe from immediate threats like starvation or bandits.

Obviously, a LOT has changed since then, and that model doesn’t really apply anymore.

But our evolutionary brains tell us otherwise. Deep inside, a part of us still need to check off that list before we can give someone the green light.

That said, if you can cultivate a personality built on feminine strength, flirty playfulness and a good old dose of classy…

…then you’d be hard-pressed not to have a bunch of guys fighting over you.


#2: Let him see the REAL you


It’s not easy to let a guy see your softer, more sensitive side. It might feel like opening a can of worms when you’re with someone you don’t really know that well yet.

But part of connecting with a man on a deeper level involves sharing things that you wouldn’t tell anyone else.

And of course, I’m not saying you should launch right into your life story on the first date and bare your soul right then and there.

(Believe me, that’s the kind of stuff that’ll make him excuse himself to the bathroom…then climb out the window.)

What I mean is that when you’re trying to develop an emotional bond with a guy, you can slowly reveal the deeper layers that make up who you are.

Over time, you can gradually share your greatest fears, the people you looked up to as a kid, or the kind of life you want a decade from now.

If you feel that he’s met you halfway…

…and more importantly, EARNED the right to see that side of you…

…then don’t be afraid to open up to him.

Time it right, and he’ll be incredibly honored that you gave him that privilege.

If anything, men badly want to be accepted too, and by making the first move to put yourself out there, he’ll want to reciprocate and open himself up to you as well.


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#3: Let Him Bask In Your Femininity


When you hear the word “feminine”, you might be thinking of qualities like wearing floral dresses, speaking in a high-pitched voice, gushing about last night’s episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City” or acting…“girly.”

But the real essence of this trait goes beyond the superficial or stereotypical.         

Being a woman in a man’s eyes is having a nuanced combination of qualities.

We’ve already covered the importance of being emotionally open in the last point, but there are a couple of others you need to know.

For instance, let’s backtrack a little bit to what I said about a man’s protective instincts.

Nowadays, your typical guy isn’t really concerned about keeping a lion from mauling his wife and offspring, but that mindset still exists in a different form.

Men still take pleasure in being able to take care of his loved ones. He derives a sense of accomplishment from that, and it’s even tied to his core masculinity.

So if you complement that with your own feminine need to have a guy “take care of you”, he’ll be more than happy to fill that role.

I’m telling you this while being well aware that you don’t need a man to carry you through life.

But I’m also saying this: if you give him the privilege to let him do it anyway

…it will encourage him to do the things a guy does for his partner.

And of course, this is ALL in the context of a healthy, emotionally balanced relationship.

And I’m pretty sure that’s what you want.

Here’s another feminine quality: be attuned to his needs, and nurture his spirit.

I can already hear some women going, “What about me? I’ve got my own needs…and I’m not about to babysit some man-child with mommy issues!”

But hear me out.

Again, if you want a balanced, functional relationship (as you should), you have to understand what guys want in a partner.

Many men are achievement-driven and results-oriented go-getters in their lives.

From a guy’s point of view, his manliness is on the line whenever he’s out there in the big, bad, world.

So at the end of the day, he wants nothing more than a loving partner who’s got his back.

He needs a woman that can help him untangle that yarn ball of emotions that he himself doesn’t always understand.

And most of all, he years for a woman who’ll ACCEPT him, shortcomings and all.

If you can bring your feminine energy into the equation and heal him this way, you’ll have a devoted partner FOR LIFE.

Now, there are other feminine qualities that attract men of course, but these two tend to be on the top of a man’s list.

Moving on to the last and biggest one…


#4: Don’t let him have “ALL” of you


I used to have a pet cat named Arlene (bless her furry little soul), and she had a toy mouse that would squeak once she “killed it.”

The funny thing was that she quickly lost interest after she did this a few times.

In her mind, she’d already satisfied her hunting instinct, so her mouse didn’t have quite have that novelty anymore.

In the same way, men have fun pursuing their partner. This is his caveman brain engaging in a social game, endlessly wanting to “dominate” his prey.

I know that might not exactly sound romantic at first, but don’t take this literally.

This is a symbolical need that men have, and it manifests itself in different ways.

For example, ever notice the way a guy gets more and more turned on when you give him “a hard time”?

You can do this in a bunch of situations, like say, giving him a little trash talk after winning at a video game or Monopoly…

… heavily flirting with him at a very public place…

…having little inside jokes between you…

…or having a humorous conversation about the stuff you don’t agree on.

These are all little ways men “test” their partner.

In his mind, he’s wondering about things like:

  • “Is she gonna be cool with me hanging out with the guys on the weekends? Or is she going to call every 15 minutes asking me where I am?”
  • “Boy, I hope she thinks my board game collection isn’t weird or anything.”
  • “Is it going to work if I’m vegan and she likes her steaks medium rare?”
  • “She’s not going to freak out when I have to work late nights once a week, will she?”
  • “She said she’s ‘not looking for anything serious’…how am I gonna change her mind??”

So he’ll try to find out by “playing” with you and see what other parts of your personality emerge.

But more importantly, he lives for the title of being The One who “caught” you.

From time to time, you can make him feel this by validating his feelings and giving him affection.

But don’t overdo it and smother him with your attention all the time.

For the most part, let HIM do the chasing.

Here’s another way to make him pursue you: have a life of your own outside of the relationship.

Get your own thing going and spend time on the other areas of your life that keep you happy and satisfied.

This reminds him that sometimes, you’re a little bit out of reach, which is how it should be.

He’ll pursue you with a passion and find ways to win you over, again and again.

There are some cases though where a guy isn’t as on-board as you’d like. And as cute as he is, you kinda want to whack him on the head for being so dense.

You might be even feeling a little helpless.

He’s pulling away from you even after you’ve pulled out all the stops and tried every trick in the book.

Well, I’m telling you right now that you haven’t tried them all.

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Fair warning: some of this stuff won’t necessarily be pleasant to hear.

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How To Keep Him Interested In You Forever

By Slade Shaw
Author of Why Men Pull Away 


Rita, a massage therapist from San Diego, was fresh from a breakup when she met Henry.

Her ex walked out on her without warning after five whole years of being together. So, she was keen on starting over with her new guy.

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She’d only been seeing Henry for a couple of months, but she knew he was different from the guys she’d been seeing during the short time she became single.

Several dates later, everything was going great…

…until, well, they weren’t.

Henry was super affectionate and constantly updating Rita with what he was up to. If he wasn’t sending funny messages throughout the day, he’d fire off a quirky picture with a silly caption.

But then the communication slowed down to the point Rita had to text him a few times before he’d send a half-hearted reply. She practically had to beg him to make plans before they could go out again.

Henry’s behavior left Rita scratching her head in confusion, "is he pulling away or breaking up"?. What made matters worse that her old fears of being left hanging in the air started to bubble to the surface.

She thought to herself, “Who is this guy texting me lukewarm ‘ok’s…and what has he done with the real Henry?”


How to Keep That Spark Burning


It’s pretty ironic that someone who has a job like Rita’s would have a hard time keeping a guy’s interest, isn’t it?

Ok, kidding aside, there are some things a woman can do to make sure her guy doesn’t ever get bored or think about leaving.

And most women think that he needs to feel a certain way all the time, like being head over heels IN LOVE 24/7.

But the truth is that romantic love ebbs and flows over time. Emotions (and people) evolve in a relationship, and it’s not about constantly being in a lovestruck state for years and years.

Those rose-colored glasses will come off at one point, and a deeper, more mature kind love will blossom in your relationship.

You can help that natural process move along if you give him the signs that you’re a solid partner.

And that starts with creating a stable, grounded relationship that can get through the roughest patches and stay generally positive throughout.

If this climate exists between you two, he’ll stick around no matter how long (or short) you’ve been together.

You just need to cultivate the right habits to make this happen:


#1: Make him work for it


You see, the hottest relationships are all about push and pull. This is a dynamic where a person pushes their partner into making them feel attractive, desired and the most amazing person they’ve met.

Then the person doing the pushing withdraws a bit – or pulls away - so that they reverse roles with their partner. This way, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Sometimes, you might push too hard that your guy feels smothered. Or he might give up and lose interest if you play “hard to get” too much.

So, it’s a rather delicate balance to achieve. But when it’s done right, it’s tons of FUN.

Here are a few ways to create this dynamic:

  • Don’t be available ALL the time. Keep your schedule balanced and keep doing all the stuff that keeps you happy, fulfilled, refreshed and revitalized.


  • Have a hobby or passion that doesn’t necessarily pay the bills, but makes you, YOU. Men are interested in a woman who makes it a point to be interesting. This works great because it gives you an additional sense of purpose while effortlessly impressing your guy in the process.


  • Let your guy DO his own stuff, too. If he says he’s going fishing with the boys or anything else that involves hanging out with them, LET HIM. This sounds like common sense…that is, until the neediness monster takes over. Don’t drop by with a pizza to “see how he’s doing”, or bombard him with a bunch of texts asking him to check in with you. All guys in a relationship need to feel free – within a reasonable level, of course.


  • Introduce a little tension. Tease him a bit and be playful. Bust his chops every now and then and give him a hard time like his pals do. In some ways, he’s still that kid at the playground trying to catch a girl’s attention by poking fun at her and launching spitballs or whatever. So flirting with him flips the script, keeps him on his toes and hot on your trail.


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#2: Be his number one fan


If you want your man to stay in the game, take the initiative by setting the bar.

Show him the same behavior you’d like to see from him. Having his back is a good way to do that.

A guy needs to know that you appreciate and cherish who he is now, and who he’s capable of being in the future. This makes him feel accepted and secure in the knowledge that you’re rooting for him.

That means he doesn’t have to hold back some part of himself because he has no reason to. He knows he can be himself, including being vulnerable around you.

And when he can let his guard down with you, it’s a huge sign of TRUST, which is the building block of any successful relationship.


#3: Build those inner roads


A guy is more likely to stay when his woman knows how to make him feel connected to her.

You can do this by having a good layout of his world. There are a lot of things that occupy his thoughts and make up who he is.

So the more you’re aware of this, the more he’ll know that you care about him as a WHOLE.

Sad to say, but a lot of men bail because they feel their partner is more concerned about filling THAT role in her life, rather than seeing them as a person.

That said, try to familiarize yourself with the following:

  • Who’s the biggest person giving him a hard time at work?
  • Who are his closest friends?
  • Who were his heroes growing up?
  • What’s the one thing keeping him up at night?
  • What’s his greatest fear?
  • What are the things he hasn’t accomplished yet, and would like to do in the next five years?
  • If money wasn’t a thing, what would be the perfect job for him?


#4: Make it OK for him to disagree with you


Oftentimes a guy is afraid that he can’t be honest about his thoughts or opinions with his girl.

He’s worried she’s going to freak out or get into a screaming argument about it.

(Most of the time, in that order.)

Worse, a lot of men have been burned by past partners who tell them it’s ok to be honest…but proceed with said behavior.

To a guy, that’s like asking him to walk through a door…

…with Jason from Friday the 13th waiting with a chainsaw on the other side.

Admittedly, it takes a certain level of maturity to get to a place where you can accept your differences without attacking each other.

And to be perfectly honest, guys are also guilty of this one, too. But to them though, this is a particularly sore spot.

So, if you’re able to handle his opinions and not fly off the handle, he’ll feel more safe around you.


#5: Tune into his needs


“Well, wait a minute,” you might say. “What about MY needs? Do you expect me to live to please him? Isn’t that one-sided??”

Listen, I get you. No one in their right mind would expect to do ALL the work while the other person sits back and eats their proverbial cake.

If he’s self-centered and makes the relationship all about him, you shouldn’t waste your time on that kind of man. Fair enough, right?

But if you’re with a swell guy (and I’m guessing that he is), your happiness is on his priority list. It’s in every decent guy’s DNA to make sure of that.

And going back to what I said before about setting the bar, a man also loves a woman who can meet him halfway on this.

So build on the habit of getting to know him better, then use that knowledge to give him what he needs.

When you have a good grasp of what he likes and doesn’t like, it’s easy to do little things that make him feel special and valued.

Stuff like his favorite movies, top food choices, interests and hobbies will give you a good idea of the things you can do for him.

The more personalized your acts of kindness are, the bigger effect they’ll have on your man.

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#6: Don’t neglect yourself 


I said earlier that you shouldn’t let your passions, social life and career slide because they make you the woman he loves.

And the other side of that coin is taking care of yourself on a more basic level - mainly your looks and well-being.

Now, I’m not saying he shouldn’t do the same…

…I just mean that you should do your part no matter what.

Again, it’s on him if he’s not meeting you halfway.

But here’s the thing: men are NOT after perfection or supermodel-like features in a long-term partner. Deep inside, they know that only gets your foot in the door.

In the bigger scheme of things, he just wants to know you’re making the EFFORT.

That’s it.

He just needs to know you care about looking good around him, and caring about yourself in general.

So, that means being on top of the big three: Fitness, Health and Fashion.

Look at it this way - you’re going to have to do this whether you’re single or in a relationship.

So it’s better to be up to scratch on this stuff - and get a serious partner out of it in the process!


#7: Keep him busy in the bedroom


Of course I’m going to talk about this. I might sound a little harsh about this, but the sexual component is a non-negotiable in your relationship.

Otherwise, you might end up with a good friend instead of a romantic partner.

So, make him feel like he’s the hottest guy you’ve met.

He knows full well he’s no Brad Pitt (but good on you if he does look like him), but it still matters to him that you DESIRE him that way.

Men want to be WANTED, just like you do. And when you only have eyes for each other – he won’t look elsewhere.     

For starters, don’t be afraid to get tactile with him even when you’re not doing the deed. Hold his hand in public, touch his arm often and give him a kiss before parting ways.

As for the main event, communicate your desires to him when you’re in the heat of the moment.

Tell him when he’s doing it right, get a bit vocal and compliment him on his masculinity.

As far as the bigger picture’s concerned, guys aren’t after the perfect partner or relationship.

They’re more interested in someone who’s just as on board as they are – and more importantly, reassures them that they’re committing to the RIGHT girl.

Once your guy knows he’s making the right choice by being with you, you won’t have to worry about where you stand with him.

But if you’re doing everything possible to keep your man interested and it STILL seems like he’s slipping away, you shouldn’t blame yourself.

Every guy is different, and he has his reasons for withdrawing that have nothing to do with you.

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